Create global assignments that

build people and business value.


Talent That Travels

Moving top talent abroad is risky.  Companies are counting on leaders making an impact in their new assignments.  But between culture shock, moving entire families, and new work environments there is a lot that can go wrong.

Successfully moving talent abroad requires a new paradigm.

In our half day workshop “Talent That Travels” we will show you the key to retaining and strengthening global talent.  By centring the conversation on how these moves create value for the individual and the company, we see dramatically different results.

Interactive workshop for up to 20 people
Onsite or virtual workshop
Educate key stakeholders
Discover the key to retaining global talent

Global assignments are meant to be springboards for careers and strategic boons to the company.  Schedule a workshop today, and take the first step to developing a company culture that flourishes as it sends its top talent abroad.


Global Talent Builder


Global talent executives often have a hard time proving the business case for global assignments to senior management, who view them as an ‘expensive luxury.’ 

 Even worse, some support packages may inadvertently leave the assignee feeling burnt out and wanting to leave the company.

What do you do when traditional methods don’t solve the problem?

You adopt new methods.

 The Global Talent Builder programme addresses the deeper psychological issues that people face in these major transitions. When we address the underlying, human factors at play, we experience dramatically different results. 

Six month coaching duration
Eight 1-on-1 coaching sessions
Supported by psychometrics (Hogan & Saville Wave personality surveys)
ROI data capture
Access to online learning hub
Manager and HRBP learning streams for organisational development


We created a development programme that helps people and companies create valuable global assignments that helps you demonstrate your global assignment business case to the board and encourages your leaders to want to stay.  

The Global Talent Builder programme focusses on the global assignment value proposition so you can demonstrate a greater Return on Investment.

Are all your global assignments building

people and business value?

What are people saying about Wendy Kendall?


“Wendy is a very thoughtful and balanced 'sounding board' - more than that, Wendy was able to understand the context I work in and provide a constructive challenge.”

- Martin Kochman, VP, Hitachi




“Sometimes in life you connect with people that are able to provide guidance and mentoring in ways you never thought possible. Wendy is one of those people. She possesses a unique talent to take complexity and transform it into laser-focused direction.”

- Tom Niessen, business owner




“Wendy is a brilliant chartered psychologist who helped us design and implement an assessment centre for selecting graduates in Danske Bank. She’s a hard-working and highly organised consultant who takes charge and pulls up her sleeves to get the job done. Wendy's support directly contributed to a successful outcome.

- Janus Grant Petersen, Danske Bank




“Wendy is an inspiring, insightful coach. Her gentle and diligent approach pays dividends as you discover your blind spots, talents and dreams. A generous and committed professional.”

- Michelle St Jane, business owner




“Wendy has successfully run workshops for Hempel in Denmark and Spain… Our managers left the training with much more confidence and competence...”

- Nina Bech-Andersen, Hempel




Wendy has genuine passion for working with people and teams on their respective journey of leadership development. She was a natural choice to work with an international executive team to enhance its effectiveness…Wendy's approach took the client executive team on a journey they had not thought possible. Professionally qualified and articulate, complemented by multi-lingual skills, Wendy was credible and relevant.

Her approach was inclusive, drawing in less experienced internal providers under supervision to introduce sustainability and contribute to a transfer of skills.”

- Martin Horton, Change Leader




“I’ve worked with Wendy to develop the tools necessary to develop and sustain my growing consultancy team. Wendy has helped me to realise my own potential and to clarify my vision for the future of my business. Wendy's depth of knowledge and experience has been highly valuable and her ability to listen and develop a suitable strategy is simply fantastic!

- Ruth Jackson, business owner




“Professional, knowledgeable and inspiring are the words that describe Wendy. We worked together in February 2015 on a graduate assessment centre at Danske Bank. She showed herself as a thorough expert within assessment centre design and implementation. Wendy is not only professional, she’s also enthusiastic about her work, which is infectious, makes her fun to work with, and ensured we reached our targets.

- Mette Lilleøre, Danske Bank




“An authentic, knowledgeable and talented woman; it’s as if you’re having a conversation with a dear friend who turns out to be an effective mentor. Wendy guided me to learn how to turn those never-ending circular questions into tangible ways forward, and energised me with renewed confidence in my abilities. 

Wendy provides the tools, insight, and strategies for individuals to carve out the right career or business path that uses - and nourishes - the best of you on a personal and professional basis.

- Jenifer Smith, business owner




“Wendy and I have worked on many organisational and research projects together since 1995. Wendy always manages to inspire me and teach me something new each time we collaborate. She has high professional and ethical standards and it is a pleasure to work with a Chartered Occupational Psychologist whom I trust so deeply.

- Sarah Engelbrecht, DONG Energy