How scary and big is the international job search mountain you’re going to have to climb? Will it take you forever and day to get started on a successful international career? Or is that dream career going to float gently into your lap? Find out the steps you should take to improve your chances of success in your international job search. Of course, the methods you have applied to finding jobs in the past in your home country still apply overseas:
  • Adverts
  • Recruiters
  • Company recruitment drives
  • Word-of-mouth
All these methods have their place – but with a twist when it comes to your international career success. Here’s why. It’s highly likely that the job definitions, tasks, responsibilities, qualifications and system will be different in your new country in ways you could never anticipate. You will find out about many of these differences by stumbling across them or running into them. Don’t beat yourself up about it, don’t be too surprised and don’t take it as a sign you should quit! This stuff is part of what people mean when they talk about ‘having international experience’. Here are four things you must do to get started on finding your dream overseas career: 1. Find ways of explaining what you do for a living to people from different backgrounds. As you do this, you’ll find newer and better ways to translate your experience and your qualifications in a way that makes sense for potential employers or clients in your new country. 2. Start rebuilding your network before you arrive. You need to rebuild your network of contacts, friends and colleagues when you move abroad. Word-of-mouth is an important source of leads for finding out about new companies that might be hiring, but remember that word-of-mouth works both ways. People will also pass on your details to recruiters or managers who are looking to hire. If possible, extend your network outside of the expat community to alsoinclude local people. However, if the local expat community is all you have to start with, go from there and keep building. 3. Exchange ideas, hopes, inspiration and international job search experiences, the good and the bad with others going through the same thing. This can help you to be more successful because you will pick up and learn helpful hints and tips from others, plus you can learn what to avoid before you have to experience it for yourself. LinkedIn groups are a great place to do this so target groups in the location or profession that you are targeting and start sharing. Remember that the focus is on giving rather than receiving and you’ll make a positive impact straight away. 4. Finally, don’t forget to identify the key difference you are going to make when you make your international job move. Get to know and understand your strengths and talents and how they make you different. Do you have a great reputation already? If you don’t know, find out! If you don’t have a great reputation already, take action now to start creating it. Your reputation is made up of the stories other people tell about you when you aren’t there. It can be a great asset when it comes to finding your dream overseas job. You need to be able to answer the following questions:
  • What are you going to bring to your new country to help you thrive and, crucially, add value?
  • Why should an overseas company hire YOU and not a local person?
  • How will you help them to leverage your unique perspective and talents so that their investment in recruiting international talent is worth it?
The clearer you can be in your answers to those questions, the more likely it will be that you will find that rewarding and satisfying international career you’re looking for. If you need individual help in getting crystal clear on the crucial next global career steps, every month I make time in my schedule to help six people get that clarity by offering a complimentary strategy session. These fill up very quickly! But you can find out more and see if there are any of these sessions still available here.