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We are here to ensure every global assignment builds value in people and companies. 

About Us.

We know you want to be a global success. In order to do that, you need to retain and strengthen leaders transferring to new assignments in new cultures. The problem is these transitions often lead to burn out, during or after the assignment, at great financial expense to the organisation.
Far too often, companies make large investments only to see leaders head home before the end of assignment, or leave shortly after repatriation. It is frustrating placing your top talent abroad and have to hope their assignment and tenure in the company will last.
We believe your leaders and stakeholders deserve better.
We understand the unique challenges of sending top talent globally. This is why we go beyond conventional intercultural training to address the deeper psychological and emotional issues. Addressing these core topics around the mental and emotional experience of assignments and transitions gets to the heart of the reasons leaders feel unable to stay long term.

About Wendy Kendall

Founder & Psychologist

Wendy Kendall has spent more than 20 years helping multi-national organisations – often under testing conditions – solve their people development issues, bring international teams together, and create global leaders of the future.

During the last fifteen years, she has helped more than 3000 talents from many different nationalities develop their global careers. Her expertise in global leadership development includes work with graduates, specialists, executives, heads of country, and board members in global businesses from small-and-mighty start ups to multi-nationals.

Beyond global leadership development, Wendy lives in the countryside with her family, surrounded by horses, dogs and cats, and loves running up and down the local trails.

“Every day I am inspired and humbled by the leaders with whom I get to work with who are committed to building successful global companies of all size and shapes. I believe that free people thrive and connecting and trading with people across the world is in our human DNA. I am focused on creating global leaders that can be a breathtaking force for good. I believe when you embrace the world, you will be transformed.”

Our Team

Jeff Quinn

Based in Los Angeles, Jeff is an industrial and organisational psychologist who specialises in leadership assessment and development, executive coaching and new leader onboarding, employee selection programmes, talent management, and HR outsourcing. With over 25 years’ experience, he’s helped many Fortune 100 and 500 companies and public-sector organisations to design and improve HR systems.

“I’m naturally curious about other people and enjoy solving the puzzles that each leader is, identifying strengths and helping develop them. And I equally like the fact-finding and solution development process for organisations, where a great design can solve organisational problems, capitalise on opportunities, and be realistically executed in the real world. It’s personally satisfying to help leaders reach their full potential, and also rewarding to see the hard and soft impacts that better talent management systems have on individuals, departments and entire organisations.”

Dr. Robin Jacobs

Robin is a trained psychologist working globally as an executive coach, facilitator and trainer in leadership and team development, succession planning, transformational coaching, psychological assessment, culture change and performance management mainly with large corporate organisations and businesses. His style combines a mix of intellectual challenge, insight, enthusiasm and humour. As a coach, his approach is structured with clear goals and measurable indicators of success. At a more strategic level, he has also helped clients transform performance cultures through core values that underpin coaching as a dominant leadership style.

“At the core of my approach is an understanding that bright, strongly logical people often find it challenging to apply those qualities successfully in managing people and building relationships – a significant aspect of great leadership. My roots are in Jungian psychology and believe that personality and personal awareness have a key role to play in the growth and success of businesses as well as the people within them. I can help people at work understand themselves and others better.”

Jackie Black

Jackie has 25 years’ experience as a trainer in communication, interpersonal and intercultural skills. A graduate in French, Linguistics and Social Studies, she is currently progressing an ILM Executive coaching level 7 qualification and is the co-author of Working Virtually (Delta Publishing). Working with both public and private sector clients, Jackie has been involved in the following industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, food and nutrition, transportation and banking.

“My passion is analysing interpersonal communication: the cultural impact of a message, body language, soft skills like building rapport. My work as a trainer gives me the opportunity to raise people’s awareness of their own communication style and how they can make it work. I offer open and honest feedback along with patience and empathy – seeing clients grow in confidence is a huge reward.”

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