Build Your Best Global Leaders
Through Global Assignments.

Maximise Your Investment in Leaders Deployed Abroad

Moving talent across borders often
comes with frustrating results.

It is far too common to see talented leaders burn out when they transition to new assignments abroad. These leaders find themselves underprepared for the highly disruptive nature of living and working cross culturally. 

This comes with a huge emotional and mental price tag, not only for them and their career, but also for your company. Your Return on Investment is dependent on their productivity and longevity. 

We can help. We have a proven process to develop your global talent, so you can sustain a competitive edge. 

Become a leader in global talent mobilisation.

Retain Top Talent

 We help you stop the cycle of burnout that routinely breaks down your leaders moving across borders.

Protect Your Investment in People

It costs hundreds of thousands to deploy your leaders globally. Our solutions safeguard your investment.

Global Competitive Edge

The turnover companies face can make global transitions a liability. We make it your competitive edge.

We understand the unique challenge of global leadership. 

Expanding companies face a constant struggle as their best people acclimate to different cultures. We understand the distinct problems that arise for organisations looking to grow with leaders moving across borders.


Wendy Kendall is a psychologist with over 20 years experience understanding human behaviour. Her background comes from serving as a senior psychologist with the British Army where she learned the strategies necessary to people thrive as they transitioned in new and demanding environments.
Those experiences prepared her to offer new ways to support companies looking to mobilise and retain their global talent.

How it works.

Align Vision.

Customise Programme.

Roll Out & Retain.

Align the stakeholders to a new perspective on retaining leaders through valuable, meaningful and purposeful assignments.
Customise the Global Talent Builder programme to your company and gather initial RoI evidence.
Roll out your customised Global Talent Builder programme, capture and present data, retain more valuable leaders.

Are you building your best leaders and your company through global assignments?